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What To Do When You Are Charged With A Crime

Regardless of whether or not you are found guilty, your life can turn upside down if you are charged with a crime. You could face months or even years of litigation, and (depending on the gravity of the crime in question) the consequences after disposition of your case could be severe. In order to promote the best possible outcome for your case, it is important to be proactive. Our criminal defense attorneys at the Lake of the Ozarks are here to help with this quick overview of the things you should do (and not do) if you are charged with a crime.

Exercise Your Rights
You have probably heard that you have the "right to remain silent," but are you familiar with the full extent of your Miranda Rights? Miranda Law ensures that every alleged criminal has the right to remain silent, the right to an attorney, and the right to have an attorney in the room with you as you are being questioned. The police often try to get you to provide information as soon as you are taken into custody…

Welcome To Summer 2016!

Summer is here, and it looks like it's going to be a warm one! Even though the summer solstice is not until next week, the temperature is already hovering in the mid-nineties. If you plan to make the Lake of the Ozarks a part of your summer scene this year, the attorneys at the Law Offices of Phillips, McElyea, Carpenter, & Welch, P.C. are here to fill you in on a summer kick-off event you won't want to miss.

Welcome To Summer Event

This year marks the second annual Welcome To Summer Event in Osage Beach. Due to the resounding success of this event last year, it is back again for 2016 - and hopefully for many more years in the future. Here are the details for this year's event:
Date -- Saturday, June 18thTime -- 6:00 PM - 10:30 PMLocation -- Osage Beach City Park (950 Hatchery Road)
The event offers free admission for the whole family and features a free concert and fireworks display. Concessions will be available for purchase starting at 6:00 PM. Pearl Nation will take th…

Estate Planning: Questions To Ask Yourself

If you don't have kids, are unmarried, or are still relatively young, it is highly possible you haven't given any thought to your estate plan yet. Since most people don't want to think about eventually passing away someday, estate planning frequently gets pushed to the back burner. Due to the unpredictable nature of our daily lives, however, postponing building your estate plan at the Lake of the Ozarks efforts is often unwise. 

If you are thinking about building a brand new estate plan or revising the one your currently have, our estate planning attorneys in Camdenton MO are here to help. Here are a few questions you should ask yourself when building or revising your estate plan.

1. Who Do You Want To Inherit Your Assets? One of the primary purposes of your estate plan is to indicate whom will inherit your assets after you pass. If you are married, this decision may be easy; most married couples wish to leave everything to their surviving spouse or their children. Certain si…

5 Professionals To Seek Out Before Starting Your New Business

Starting your own business at the Lake of the Ozarks can be one of the most rewarding endeavors you will ever undertake, but it certainly comes with its fair share of responsibilities and details that must be carefully attended to. You have likely chosen to start your own company because you consider yourself an expert in your field and you are excited to share your expertise without having to work under the supervision or direction of someone else. While you may be a complete expert in your chosen industry, you can't be expected to be an expert in all of the other areas business owners should attend to. You will need to compile a team of experienced professionals in various other arenas to help you along your journey. The Law Offices at Phillips, McElyea, Carpenter, & Welch, P.C. is here to help with this quick overview of the types of professionals you will want to seek out.

1. Mentor
If you are seriously thinking about starting your own business, chances are good that you alr…