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8 Creative Ways To Celebrate Thanksgiving With Your Family

Thanksgiving is a time to step away from the hectic hustle and bustle of normal life and instead focus all of your attention on your friends and family. The Thanksgiving feast is typically the central focus of this holiday's events, but it is certainly not the only way you can celebrate with your family. The team at Phillips, McElyea, Carpenter, & Welch, P.C. is here to help you expand your family's Thanksgiving traditions with these fun, creative celebration ideas.

1. Make An "I'm Thankful For..." Board
The main purpose of Thanksgiving is to express gratitude for the blessings in your life. One fun family tradition is to designate a space for the people at your Thanksgiving gathering to write down the things they are thankful for. Write "I'm Thankful For..." at the top of a dry erase board or large sheet of poster board, and supply your guests with markers to fill in the rest.

2. Volunteer Your Time
Many churches and non-profit organizations host T…

Navigating A Divorce During The Holidays

Divorce is tough. Regardless of the surrounding circumstances, divorce represents the end of one chapter and the start of a new one. The drastic change is often challenging, but it is especially difficult during the holidays. With Thanksgiving next week and Christmas only one month after that, the team at Phillips, McElyea, Carpenter, & Welch, P.C. thought it would be appropriate to dedicate this week's blog to those of you who may be in the midst of a divorce this holiday season. Keep reading to find some suggestions for making the process easier.

Divorce & The Holiday Season

The holiday season is supposed to be a time filled with family and friends, laughter and warmth. It is a time to gather around the table with those you love as you celebrate gratitude and family. Unfortunately, it doesn't always work out like that.

Divorce happens for countless reasons. No matter the reasons or extenuating circumstances, divorce is always tough on spouses, children, and extended fam…

Global Entrepreneurship Week: 5 Tips For Aspiring Entrepreneurs

We live in a business-oriented society. From buying groceries to traveling internationally, we rely heavily on local, national, and international businesses for manyaspects of our lives. We have become so accustomed to using these businesses in our day-to-day lives that we now take many of them for granted. No matter how big a corporation is, it's important to realize that every business started out small at some point in time. Every business - even those with thousands of employees - originally began simply as an idea in the mind of one forward-thinking individual.

Global Entrepreneurship Week USA

We owe entrepreneurs a great debt of gratitude for the roles they have played in shaping our society, our culture, and our nation. Next week (November 14-20, 2016) is designated as Global Entrepreneurship Week USA in recognition of the importance of these forward-thinking individuals. In honor of this important week-long observance, our business attorneys in Camdenton MO are dedicating th…

Six Safety Reminders for Lake Stock Fall Crawl

Lake Stock Fall Crawl is a pub crawl held at the Lake of the Ozarks every year in the fall. With 10+ locations and hundreds of participants, it is always a big night filled with plenty of food, drinks, and entertainment. This year's event is going to be on Saturday, November 5th. The night is usually lots of fun, but it also opens the door to potential injuries and accidents. This year, the team at Phillips, McElyea, Carpenter, & Welch, P.C. is here to help keep you and your friends/family safe with these safety reminders.

Lake Stock Fall Crawl 2016 ~ Safety Reminders

1. Don't Drink And Drive
Driving while intoxicated is both dangerous and illegal. Lake Stock Fall Crawl provides bus transportation to and from each participating bar as well as several participating hotels. For your safety and everyone else's, please use the buses, a taxi service, or another designated driver if you plan to drink.

2. Watch Your Drinks At All Times
The Crawl is designed to provide people with …