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14th Annual Eagle Days Celebration - Family Fun to Start 2014!

Family Fun Event this Weekend! 
The Law Offices of Phillips, McElyea, Carpenter, & Welch want to let you know about one of the most popular winter events at the Lake of the Ozarks, happening this weekend!  The event will provide fun for children of all ages and feature eagles, falcons, owls and other birds.  Highlights of the event include:  Two Day Event, January 4-5 Live Eagles and Other Birds of Prey from the World Bird Sanctuary
Location: Osage National Golf Resort Programs every hour starting at 9 am Sat. and 10 am Sun Wild Eagle ViewingLocation: Willmore Lodge and Bagnell Dam Access
Eagle Nest Building and Rope MakingLocation: Bagnell Dam AccessFree Hot Chocolate
Eagle Watch Cruises (weather permitting)Location: Paddlewheeler Tom Sawyer Every hour starting at 11:30 am and $5 per person
Photo Contest, Coloring Contest, and Owl ProgramsLocation: Country Club Hotel & SpaDickerson Park Zoo Programs every hour starting at 9:30 am
So bring your binoculars and cameras for a weekend full…

Phillips, McElyea, Carpenter & Welch, P.C featured in LO Profile!

LO Profile features Big Businesses at the Lake of the OzarksThe Law Offices of Phillips, McElyea, Carpenter & Welch, P.C. were recently featured in LO Profile magazine and we wanted to share it in our blog.  

Names:  Charles E. McElyea, Matthew P. Hamner, Deirdre O'Donnell, Ronald K. Carpenter, David T. Welch
Company:  Phillips, McElyea, Carpenter & Welch, PC
Years in Business:  We are proudly approaching our 75th anniversary.  Our attorneys have a combined 146 years of law practice.
Specialty Skills and Experience:  We are experienced business, real estate, personal injury, family law, estate planning and probate lawyers.  We also vigorously defend people who are charged with or are being investigated for Missouri misdemeanor and felony criminal law violations, including driving while intoxicated and boating while intoxicated offenses, as well as Federal crimes.
Awards and Success:  Several of our lawyers are members of various legal organizations including Missouri Associati…

Our latest YouTube videos!

Phillips, McElyea, Carpenter & Welsh, P.C. Videos As we move into the new year, we wanted to share with you a few new videos that our talented folks put together.  We have a lot of exciting things happening at our Law Firm and we are looking forward to some great things in 2014.

Our 75th Anniversary In 2014, Hugh Phillips first opened up our doors 75 years ago and we will be celebrating this throughout the year.  Here is Matt Hamner telling you a little about this momentous occasion

Let our experience, knowledge, and talent help you with your legal needs. Our attorneys and legal team make up the best law firm in the Lake of the Ozarks area.  We can help you in many areas where you need an advocate for your rights.  Here is Matt Hamner again with some words on what we can do for you and your family

We wish you and your family Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! Here is Matt again with a holiday greeting for you!

We Are Effective Camden County Lawyers for all of your legal needs.
We …

Juror Service - Hallmark of the American System of Justice

Juror Service - an important civic duty
Few activities in our civic life provide such a direct contact with our democracy as does jury service. Besides voting, nothing is so active and participatory in nature. In fact, Thomas Jefferson believed that serving on a jury is more important than voting. He said, "I consider trial by jury as the only anchor yet imagined by man by which a government can be held to the principles of its constitution."

The Law Office of Phillips, McElyea, Carpenter & Welch, P.C. want to provide you some basic information in the event that your receive a jury summons.  A great website for juror information can be found at and we highlight some information from this resource here.

Summons and Qualification Form

 A summons for jury service and a juror qualification form are the initial documents that call you, as a prospective juror, to service. The qualification form is a questionnaire sent to citizens to…

Giving back - Volunteer opportunities at the Lake of the Ozarks

Volunteering at the Lake We live in such a wonderful community at the Lake of the Ozarks, and many of us are blessed with jobs, families, shelter and food.  Unfortunately, there are also many at the Lake that are in need of help during the holiday season.  The Law Offices of Phillips, McEylea, Carpenter & Welch, P.C. want to share some information on how to help by volunteering to help those in need (in particular, our local children).

Organizations that can use your help
Christmas for Kids/Ozark Coast Kiwanis Club - this annual event happens this Sunday, December 8th at the Country Club Hotel in Lake Ozark.  The goal of this event is to help local needy children receive Christmas gifts that their families may not have the means to provide any.  In addition, money raised is distributed to 10 other local charities to help underprivileged children and their families.  The event starts at 7pm and is one of the biggest social events of the year.  For more info, www.lakeareachristmasfo…