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Understanding Your Privacy Rights At Work

Understandably, privacy is very important to most people. In your personal life, you are generally entitled to a great deal of privacy - your and your family's affairs often do not have to be anybody's business but your own. At work, however, the line of privacy you are entitled to often becomes much more blurred. This week, our Lake of the Ozarks attorneys are here to help you better understand your privacy rights in the workplace.

Your Computer

As a general rule, if the equipment you use for work belongs to your employer, he or she has the right to search its contents or monitor its use. This applies to several things, including your computer. If you are using a company-owned computer, your employer will likely be allowed to search your browser history and the files saved on your machine. Your employer will likely also be allowed to monitor your web activity throughout the day, such as by tracking which websites you visit. 

Your Emails

While emails may seem like personal corresp…

Your Ex Violated Your Custody Agreement. Now What?

Custody agreements are court-ordered arrangements that dictate how divorced parents shall share the responsibility of raising their children. Since most parents understandably want to spend as much time with their children as possible, being awarded substantial time in the custody agreement is often a top priority for parents in the middle of a divorce.

Once the custody agreement is in place, it is important that both parents abide by the limitations and boundaries it presents. Unfortunately, not all parents do. This week, our family attorneys at the Lake of the Ozarks are here to examine what happens when one parent violates a custody arrangement.

What Constitutes A Violation Of A Custody Agreement?

Before we can discuss the consequences of violating a custody agreement, we must clarify what counts as a legitimate violation of said agreement. Just because a certain behavior is frustrating or inconsiderate (such as your ex being half an hour late to your child's scheduled drop-off) d…

Small Claims Court: The Basics

Small claims court, as its name suggests, is the court specifically designated for individual people to pursue small claims. "Small claims" are cases where a party is seeking less than $5,000. This week, our Lake of the Ozarks lawyers are here to help you get a general understanding of the Missouri small claims court.

What Is Small Claims Court?

Small claims court is sometimes called "the people's court." It is the court designed for American citizens to be able to represent themselves. However, both the plaintiff and the defendant are allowed to retain attorneys if they would prefer to have professional representation.

The small claims court may only be used to pursue financial claims valuing less than $5,000. It cannot be used to obtain property, real estate, or other assets. It may also not be used to evict tenants from property. 

The small claims court is presided over by a judge. If a claim is brought to court, the judge will hear both the plaintiff's and …

Thinking About Adoption? 4 Tips To Help You Prepare

Adding to your family is a big step, and one that should not be undertaken lightly. By choosing to adopt, you face an entirely different set of tasks, challenges, and joys than if you chose to have a child biologically. While the decision to adopt is a familial one, it is important to recognize that adoption is a complex legal process with specific procedures and guidelines that must be followed.

If you are considering adopting a new child into your home, it is important that you dedicate adequate time to considering the various factors involved in the process. Here is a quick overview of the types of things you will need to think about, courtesy of the Law Offices Phillips, McElyea, Carpenter, & Welch, P.C

1. Prepare To Be Patient.
Even when everything goes smoothly, the adoption process is often long and easily convoluted. Domestic adoptions generally take several months to a year, and international adoptions can take much longer. Be prepared for unexpected obstacles to arise. By…