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How To Establish Paternity In Missouri

Who is the father of your child? Believe it or not, from a legal perspective, the answer to this question may not be as obvious as it seems.

There have always been children born out of wedlock, but with today's couples waiting longer and longer to get married (or foregoing an official marriage altogether), the number of children born to unmarried parents is on the rise. While identifying the biological mother of the child is easy (for obvious reasons), identifying paternity is not always as cut-and-dried. Our family attorneys at the Lake of the Ozarks are here to explore this particular issue.

When Paternity Is Uncontested

In an ideal setting, there would be no question about whom the father of the child is. When both parents are in agreement regarding whom the father is, establishing paternity is generally more simplified. If the couple is married, the husband is the presumed father of the child, according to Missouri law. If the couple is unmarried, the parents may be able to sign …

Car Accidents 101: What Happens If You Don't Get The Other Driver's Insurance Info?

Many people are more comfortable traveling by road than other avenues (such as trains or airplanes), but the truth is that car accidents are exceedingly common. On a national level, thousands of accidents occur every day. Despite how relatively common they are, many drivers are unsure how to handle accidents when they do occur. Our traffic lawyers at the Lake of the Ozarks are here to help.

What You Should Do When You Get In An Accident

There is a certain protocol drivers should follow after they have been in a car accident. As a general rule, drivers who have been in an accident should always:
Call the police.Exchange names and insurance information with the other driver(s).Take pictures of the accident and associated damage.Get names/contact information of any witnesses.Remain at the scene of the accident until all necessary business has been attended to.
By following this general procedure, you can help ensure that you will have all the information you need to secure the highest possib…

9 Frequently Asked Questions About Jury Duty

Jury duty is one of the hallmarks of the American judicial system. Among other things, the Sixth Amendment guarantees individuals facing criminal allegations to the right to an impartial jury. This impartial jury is comprised by everyday American citizens, just like you, who have been called upon to serve as jurors. 

If you have not yet been called for jury duty (or even if you have served before), you may have several questions about the process. This week, the attorneys at our general practice law firm in Camdenton MO are here to answer some of the common questions people have about jury duty.

Q:  Is Jury Duty Mandatory?
A:  Yes. If you have been called, participation is mandatory (unless you have been explicitly excused by the Court).

Q:  What Happens To My Job While I'm On Jury Duty?
A:  Employers are required to allow their employees to serve jury duty without having to use their vacation or sick leave. They are not required to pay you for your time, but they are required to allow…

How To Secure Compensation In A Hit And Run Accident

What happens when you are involved in a car accident? Ideally, any involved parties remove their vehicles from the path of oncoming traffic and wait for the authorities to arrive to file a police report and issue any necessary traffic tickets. Unfortunately, not all parties involved in auto accidents are quite so cooperative. A percentage of car wrecks are "hit and run" accidents, where the at-fault driver abandons the scene of the accident. If you are the victim in a hit and run accident, you may need to hire a car accident attorney at the Lake of the Ozarks for help securing financial compensation.

Understanding Hit And Run Accidents

Drivers may choose to abandon the scene of a car accident for any number of different reasons. For example, the driver in question may:
Be operating the vehicle illegally (e.g., without a license) and not want to get caught;Not have auto insurance;Be under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs; orHave multiple traffic tickets already and be a…

PMCW Is Proud To Be American!

With 4th Of July Weekend is almost here, the team at the Law Offices of Phillips, McElyea, Carpenter, & Welch, P.C. urges you to pause and reflect for a few moments. Though there will always be trials and struggles, we live in a truly great country and we are honored to provide quality legal services to our local community here at the Lake of the Ozarks. Keep reading to learn more about what makes America great, and why we consider ourselves blessed to be a part of it.

What Makes America Great?

There are several things that set our country apart from other nations around the globe. Here are a few of the things we believe help to make our country truly great.

Anyone Can Be Anything
What is your dream career? Do you fantasize about being a famous actor? A successful doctor? An astronaut? No matter what wild career you want, you can chase your dreams and turn them into reality when you live in America. You have the freedom to pursue the education and the career of your choice.

America Is …