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Child Custody Law in Missouri

Missouri Courts look at many factors when determining the custody of a child. These factors can be complicated and confusing, but they all revolve around a single, central goal: to serve the child's best interests.

If you're trying to gain custody of a child in mid-Missouri, an experienced lawyer at the Lake of the Ozarks can help guide you through the factors that influence the Courts' decision. While not a complete list, this list can give you a solid foundation of the factors to consider concerning child custody in Missouri. 

(These factors are taken from Section 452.375 of the Missouri Revised Statutes.)
2. The court shall determine custody in accordance with the best interests of the child. The court shall consider all relevant factors, including: 
(1) The wishes of the child's parents as to custody and the proposed parenting plan submitted by both parties;
(2) The needs of the child for a frequent, continuing and meaningful relationship with both parents and the…

3 Reasons to Have A Will if You Have Children

You may have heard that having a will is important, but it's extremely important if you have children. In today's blog, our attorneys at the Lake of the Ozarks are going to tell you why.

1. You can name a conservator to manage your child's assets and finances.
Establishing a conservator for your child is a must. The law doesn't permit a minor to assume legal control over property left to them in a will. If you and your spouse die at the same or your spouse can't be trusted to manage your child's finances, you should name a conservator. Your designated conservator will be responsible for managing your child's finances with honesty and integrity to ensure the child's reasonable needs are met.  Be sure to pick someone with integrity and common sense. 

2. You can have a say in who will care for your child.
If you die and your child does not have another suitable parent to care for him/her, the court will have to appoint a guardian. If you want to have a say on …

Reasons to Hire a Real Estate Attorney

Our real estate lawyers at the Lake of the Ozarks have many years of experience in handling a wide variety of real estate issues and title problems. You never know what problems could arise when purchasing a new home or even selling your home. In this blog, we will discuss reasons you will need to hire a real estate attorney.

Double Check Your Legal Documents.
A large amount of paperwork comes with purchasing or selling a home. Whether you are singing your name to a legally binding contract or entering into the selling process for the first time, you should have everything double checked by a real estate attorney at the Lake of the Ozarks first. We will make sure all contracts and paperwork are in full compliance of local, state, and federal real estate laws.

Understand All of Your Obligations.
When it comes to buying or selling real estate, you have certain obligations. Our real estate attorneys will help you understand your role, rights and all of the responsibilities you have. This w…

7 Things Your Didn't Know About Juvenile Law: Part 2

Our experienced juvenile law attorneys at the Lake of the Ozarks are continuing our blog series on juvenile law. Last week, we covered the difference between juvenile court and other courts, whether it's okay or not for a juvenile to be questioned by a police officer, jurisdiction of juvenile court, and if religion is considered in the placement of a child. For more information on those topics, please see 7 Things You Didn't Know About Juvenile Law: Part 1. This week we will be finishing up with the 3 commonly asked questions about juvenile law.

What can be done, if I need to get help for my child that is beyond my control?
You may complete a "juvenile complaint form" pertaining to your child. This can be filed at your local juvenile office. Once the form is complete, it will be assigned to a Deputy Juvenile Officer (DJO). The DJO will schedule a time to meet with you and your child to gather information and possibly apply initial screenings or assessments. The DJO m…