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4 Sample Ways To Defend DWI Charges

When we think of a "criminal," most of us have a very specific image that comes to mind. While these images may sometimes be accurate, it is important to recognize that they may also be false. It is not uncommon for the individuals facing criminal charges to be everyday, ordinary people.

Who Gets In Trouble For Drunk Driving?

The people who get arrested for drunk driving may not be the ones who fit the common mental image of "hardened criminal." They can be people who enjoyed a casual evening out with their friends or coworkers, and made poor decision regarding their transportation home. 

No matter how innocent their intentions are, driving under the influence of alcohol is a serious criminal offense. Depending on the severity of the damages caused and whether it was the driver's first offense, an individual charged with drunk driving can face serious consequences for his indiscretion.

Combating DWI Charges

Fortunately there are a number of different strategies that…

What Is An Annulment?

Marriage is more than a verbal promise of a lifetime commitment between partners. Marriage is a legally binding contract, one with specific conditions that must be met in order for it to be considered valid. If a couple wishes to separate, they must generally undergo the divorce process in order to formalize their legal separation.

In some cases, couples may be eligible for an annulment instead of a divorce. Annulments are only allowable under very specific circumstances, however, and as such they are quite rare. Keep reading to learn more about annulments and their specifications, courtesy of our family attorneys in Camdenton MO.

What Is An Annulment?

Simply put, an annulment is a legal order that ends a marriage. Unlike divorce, however, an annulment dissolves a marriage so completely that legally, it is deemed to have never even existed. Most marriages are willingly and knowingly entered into by persons with the authority and capacity to make their own decisions, and thus do not quali…

What Happens To Your Children If You Die Without Naming A Guardian?

As a parent, providing for your children's well-being is your single most important task. Nothing else matters as much as ensuring that your children are protected, supported, cared for, and nurtured. Unfortunately, life is unpredictable - you may not always be around to take care of your children. While we hope you live a long life and are able to see your children well into adulthood, it is important to take steps to protect them in the event that something unexpected should happen to you.

Naming A Guardian

No matter your age, our Lake of the Ozarks estate planning attorneys strongly encourage you to establish at least a simple estate plan as soon as you become a parent. By establishing a will, you can officially identify the person you want to care for your children in the event that you die, become incapacitated, or become otherwise unable to fulfill your parental responsibilities. 

Choosing a guardian for your children is an important task, and one that should not be taken light…

Can Teens Be Given Life Sentences?

The adolescent years is a challenging time in a young person's life. Emotions tend to run high as teenagers wage fierce battles to find the proper balance between self-reliance and dependency. They are growing and changing at a rapid rate. While many teens often think that they are "all grown up," research shows that the adolescent brain is still too immature to process information and rationalize decisions in the same manner as adults.

Juvenile Crime

From a legal perspective, the immaturity of the adolescent mind poses distinct challenges. Should they choose to do so, most teenagers are intelligent and/or strong enough to cause significant harm to people or personal property. In an effort to keep our communities safe and to teach juveniles that criminal acts will not be tolerated, many people believe that juveniles should be prosecuted for their crimes to the full extent of juvenile law. What punishments should be allowed under juvenile law, however, is a topic of much de…