Checklist for Drafting a Will

Drafting your will can be one of the most important things you do in life because this document helps ensure that your most precious belongings go to the people you intend them to go to, rather than as controlled by Missouri law through the probate court. While you don't have to have a will, we highly recommend that you do, otherwise, your loved ones could be facing confusion after you pass away. This would already be a time of grief for them, so why not make the transition of your possessions as easy as possible on them and have a will constructed? Phillips, McElyea, Carpenter, and Welch knows how difficult it can be to make ultimately sure you have everything listed in your will that you should have. If you have questions about your will or on how to start one, call our law office in Camdenton at 573-346-7231 today for your free consultation. Keep reading for a checklist for drafting a will.

Checklist for Drafting a Will

When drafting your will, make sure you have the following things included (if applicable).

1. Name Your Executor

Who will handle your estate once you've passed away? This person is referred to as your executor and you will name them in your will.

2. Name Your Beneficiaries

Who will you leave your possessions to when you pass away? These people are referred to as beneficiaries and they will need to be listed in your will.

3. Name Your Guardian

Who will care for your children if you pass away before they are old enough to take care of themselves? This person is referred to as your guardian and they will need to be listed in your will.

4. Name What Property You Will Leave Behind

What assets will you leave to your beneficiaries and who will you leave each one too? Perhaps you have a great amount of property or an enormous amount of savings, you will need to name the items, specifically that you plan to leave behind, in your will. 

5. Find Witnesses to Watch You Sign Your Will

In the state of Missouri, you must have two witnesses present, when you sign your will. 

Need Assistance Having Your Will Drafted?

Phillips, McElyea, Carpenter, and Welch is here for you. Our Missouri estate planning lawyers and probate administration attorneys have the knowledge and experience to help you avoid common problems people face when trying to draft a will themselves, without legal help. We encourage our clients to let their wishes be known for the division of property and potential health care decisions. Contact us to set up a consultation. We have evening and weekend appointments available. Our firm is conveniently located by the Camden County courthouse, and we have an open door policy for clients to just stop by to discuss their legal needs.

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