Safe Driving Tips for Halloween 2018

Halloween 2018 is almost here! This time of year can be such an exciting time for the kiddos, from trick or treating and wearing his or her favorite Halloween costume to pigging out on Halloween candy and making unforgettable memories with friends and family. Amongst all the excitement, remember to be safe and practice safety with your children. It'd be devastating for Halloween to be ruined by a tragic car accident. On Halloween, children may be walking across the streets frequently while trick or treating from house to house, it can be easy not to pay attention and for tragedy to strike. Our personal injury lawyers at the Lake of the Ozarks have helped several victims who were injured in car accidents. If you find yourself needing a personal injury attorney you can trust, call Phillips, McElyea, Carpenter, and Welch at 573-346-7231 for your free consultation today. We wish everyone a fun, but safe Halloween. Watch out for children who may be trick or treating. Keep reading for a few safe driving tips for Halloween 2018.

Safe Driving Tips for Halloween 2018

Drive at Slower Speeds.
Avoid speeding, especially through residential areas. Children will most likely be trick or treating and possibly in darker costumes that can be hard to spot at night. Driving slower will help you to be safe and stop quickly when needed.

Pay attention.
Do not drive distracted, there are so many things that commonly distract drivers today. Here are a few examples of how not to drive distracted:

  • Do not text and drive.
  • Do not eat food while driving.
  • Do not groom yourself while driving.
  • Do not do your make up while driving.
  • Do not smoke while driving.
  • Do not read while driving.
The list goes on and on, the point here is to keep your eyes on the road while driving.

Always designate a sober driver.
Kids aren't the only ones who choose to celebrate on Halloween. Several adults join in on the festivities as well. Several of the hose festivities can include alcohol, so designate a sober driver before choosing to go out to a Halloween party. Have a plan in place for how to get home safely.

Phillips, McElyea, Carpenter, and Welch Wishes You All a Happy Halloween

We'd like to wish everyone a Happy Halloween! Please be safe out there and pay aware of your surroundings. It may be a holiday but bad things still, unfortunately, happen which is the true scare. Our personal injury attorneys in Camden County can help you if you are injured in a car accident even on a holiday. Just give us a call at 573-36-7231 for your free consultation.

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