Don't Forget to List These Items in Your Will

Have you recently had a child or got married? Serious life changes should trigger you to draft a will if you haven't already. Your belongings probably mean a lot to you and they should go to who you want versus being handled in probate. When drafting a will, it's vital that you don't accidentally leave an item out, which is why the help of an experienced estate planning lawyer at the Lake of the Ozarks can come in handy. Phillips, McElyea, Carpenter, and Welch are here to list a few examples of items not to forget when drafting your will.

Don't Forget to List These Items in Your Will

Appointing a guardian is essential is you have minor children. The guardian is the person who takes care of your children if you pass away before they are of age.

Property can mean a number of things. When you hear "real property," that refers to real estate including land, a home or building. Transferring ownership of this type of property can be much more complicated than simply leaving behind something smaller, such as your jewelry for example. If you have questions about this part of the process, consult an experienced attorney at the Lake of the Ozarks.

Who will you leave your assets to when you pass away. The people you choose to leave your assets to should be carefully thought out and planned.

In the state of Missouri, you should have two witnesses when signing your will and a notary should sign as well.

Business Ownership
If you own part or all of a business and want to leave ownership of that to a family member or trusted colleague when you pass away, you should incorporate these arrangements int your estate plan. This process may be slightly more time consuming than leaving other items in your will, so having an experienced estate planning attorney handle this for you can relieve a lot of unneeded stress.

Need Assistance from an Experienced Camden County Estate Planning Attorney?

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