How Will Your Upcoming Life Changes Affect Your Estate Plan?

2019 may be a big year for you! Perhaps you are having your first child? Maybe you are getting married? Maybe you are a buying your very first house or maybe you are finally starting your own business? Whatever your new life change may be, congratulations on this big step! While many people may not think about this at the time, each one of these changes can affect your will or estate plan and it's important that you consult with your estate planning lawyer at the Lake of the Ozarks. At Phillips, McElyea, Carpenter, and Welch, we encourage our clients to let their wishes be known. Keep reading to learn how different life changes can affect your estate plan or will.

How Will Your Upcoming Life Changes Affect Your Estate Plan

Having a New Baby
Once you had a child, it becomes even more important that you have a will or trust. You should name a guardian for your children and list them in your will. A guardian is a person who would care for your children if you unexpectedly passed away before they were of age. We realize this is something that no one wants to envision, but wouldn't you rather have someone you trust taking care of your kids versus having someone appointed to care for them?

Getting Married
If you are married, in the state of Missouri, you should consider how that will affect what happens to your assets when you die.

Buying a New Home
If you want to have a say in who your house will go to when you die, we can prepare a beneficiary deed, will or trust.

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For many people, it may be unpleasant to think of what will happen after they die, especially when it comes to their children. For this reason, they may find it easy to put more immediate concerns ahead of estate planning, but you should absolutely not do that. There can be negative consequences to not having a valid estate plan. Your estate may be subject to higher taxes. Disputes may arise among heirs. Property becomes subject to the division based on the intestate laws of the state of Missouri, not the wishes of the decedent. You won't have a say in who gets ownership of your property and who becomes the guardian of your children. Bypass all of these consequences contact your Camden County estate planning lawyer today.

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